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To order an Express Authenticity Examination, please do the following:

     (a) Read our Terms & Conditions and confirm in the form below that you agree.

     (b) Fill out the form below with your artwork's information.

     (c) Send payment of the applicable fee by email e-transfer to


                             Paintings & Drawings: $399 + GST/HST $51.87 = $450.87


     (d) Send good quality digital images* (see instructions below) of the front and back of your artwork, as               well as digital copies of all related documentation, to


Express Authenticity Examination Order Form

*Good quality digital images: images should be sharply focused, of good resolution, and evenly lit, without bright spots or reflections. Artworks should be photographed straight-on, without a distorted perspective. If possible, include a piece of pure white paper or a photographic colour chart next to the artwork. Also, place a ruler or tape measure beside the artwork in the photograph, so that size may be determined.

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