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If you want to contact us, or request a quote for a report on your Norval Morrisseau artwork, please fill out the form below. See Terms & Conditions.

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Terms & Conditions:

By sending a request for a quote or a message (a "Submission") to us, you agree to the following: (a) we are under no obligation to respond to your Submission, and there is no contractual relationship between us or duty of care created for us in relation to you; (b) no contractual obligation or duty of care exists from us to you unless we enter into a formal written agreement with you for our services and you satisfy all of your obligations thereunder, and in such event our obligations to you shall be restricted to only those obligations specifically set out in that agreement, and shall exclude any promises or representations made to you outside of that written agreement, all of which shall be unenforceable; (c) if we provide you with a quote for our services, that quote will expire 30 days after it is delivered, and our proposed pricing and other terms therein are conditional upon the accuracy and completeness of the information you provide in your request for the quote; (d) you agree that, unless you advise otherwise in writing, we may store the information you provide in your Submission for a period of 3 years and contact you for the purpose of offering you our services and/or notifying you of information that we believe may be of interest to you, but we shall be under no obligation to contact you as such; (e) all of the information you provide in any Submission is true and accurate, you are the owner or authorized representative of the owner of any artworks identified, and you will not make any Submission for any purpose other than to request a quote or contact us for a reasonable and legitimate reason.

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