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Our Process

Stack of Files

ONE: Art & Evidence

You will provide physical access to the work, either by shipping it to us or by arranging for a meeting. You will also fill out a questionnaire and furnish copies of any documentation you have that relates to the work's provenance. 

Art gallery

TWO: Examination & Opinion

We will carefully examine your artwork and the information you have provided. We will consider a wide range of facts about the work's materials, techniques, iconography, style, colours, subject matter, composition, historical period, signatures and writings, and other factors. We will then produce a detailed written opinion on the authenticity of the work and, if it is determined to be authentic, we will provide a Certificate of Authenticity.

Judge and Gavel

THREE: Options for Fraud Victims

If we determine that your artwork is fraudulent, we will offer you the ability to remove the work from the market and contribute to the further identification of fakes. If you select this option, you will receive a significant discount on the cost of our services. Also, we will provide you with the ability to have a copy of your authenticity report sent to a law firm specializing in art fraud victim recovery, for a consultation.

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