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The Morrisseau Experts

Our experts have a minimum of 20 years extensive experience in the specialized study and investigation of Morrisseau's work and of fraudulent copies and imitations.

Authenticity Evaluations and Certificates

We will examine works attributed to Morrisseau and then provide opinions on authenticity and, if applicable, certificates of authenticity.

Solving the Fraud Problem

We are committed to identifying authentic and fraudulent works, and to being a key part of the solution to fakes.

"The Estate wishes to recognize that the two principals of Morrisseau Art Consulting Inc., lawyer Jonathan Sommer and Morrisseau expert John Zemanovich, have made a significant contribution over many years to the protection of Morrisseau’s legacy, primarily through their work combatting the fraudulent production of fake artworks."

The Norval Morrisseau Estate Ltd.

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